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Explain about your internship projects.

First round : basic conversation to see how I talk. Then the basics of Excel formulas. Sum, count etc Second round : I had internship experience in prior. So was asked to talk about what I did in the internship. Deeper discussion into my hobbies as both the manager and I shared common interests. Ended up a positive experience. But since I spoke about dashboard experience, I was asked to mail a sample and ONLY THEN was the sent to the next round Third round : with common talk of HR. Where do you stay. How will you commute. There was no salary negotiation as I was a fresher. Just accepted what they offered (which was pretty less, when I think about it now. Cause hikes and promotions the next two years while I worked there was very very discouraging)

Experience in handling the various operations & process? Understanding about Magzter?

Behavioral questions about managing operations

tell me about yourself basic concept of marketing

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