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Human Capital Something Or Other, Aka Staffing ?? was asked...21 June 2013

What did you think when you walked in the office door? How do you feel about the lobby air (aesthetics) Where did you get your company research info (and after that some weird tangent rant about glassdoor reviews; mind you I got my BI from a trusted resource in the FS industry)

4 Answers

I had no idea what to say

An answer I would have is this. Where I work is where I spend a large percent of my time. A vibrant office and decor sets the setting and the mood. Compared to old buildings with little light, this seems like an upbeat and positive place to work in. Less

I am jobless and I need job all documents are valid for AB rank age 31 years

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Other was asked...20 December 2019

Why do you want to work for us?

3 Answers

Because you are one of the leaders of IT companies in Canada

Because you have a cool platform.

Because I would like not only to put my experience to work for you but also to help develop your business Less

Tata Communications
Other was asked...23 January 2019

Are you a self starter?

3 Answers

You betcha!



Sinar Mas Group
Others was asked...9 November 2019

Why did you leave certain company? Why you worked on certain technology which is so complicated ? Are you sure that your company got data from your client to create search application ?

2 Answers

O know when l am on the top periode and the time have to quit from best periods of mu career. Less

I was feeling a bit annoyed but maintained by decency.


Do you feel you have been fortunate or unfortunate

2 Answers

As far as I can tell, simply being born in the U.S. is fortunate. We don't have famines, or pogroms, civil wars, roaming crimnal gangs, or huge sprawling slums. I said I thought I was fortunate (is that the wrong answer?) Less

I believe I have be fortunate

Harbor Freight Tools
Other was asked...6 November 2014

nothing out of the ordinary went smooth and fast

2 Answers

I laid out a few things I needed worked around in my scheduling and have ben very happy with the result Less

The only thing I need worked around is...the trips I make to Jackson's to take my grand daughter to see her neurologist. Less


Do you have experience with accounts?

2 Answers


As a CEO, to manage the monthly operational KPI, evaluate the Financial Reports with Directors. I regularly reviewed the Business Operational Management report with the Account Manager's Financial reporter. I always assessed deeper into the divisional segments of the business and analyzed the corporate drivers' needs. Review product's sustainability, minimize the costs, maximize the service outcome, set the specific areas of continuous improvement reengineering needs, and provide the intelligence to the operational team to make confident decisions to help the company grow and business sustain. Less

Urban Lending Solutions

"Can you work this Saturday"

1 Answers

Sure, if it means I get the job

Other was asked...24 December 2017


1 Answers


Toys "R" Us

Why do you need/want to work at Toys R Us?

1 Answers

I have a full time job but need to supplement my income during the holiday season. Less

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