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Paraprofessional was asked...9 March 2018

Will be any issue to work from 7 until 3:30?

7 Answers

No I don't have any with that timings.

I have to doble check with my husband

No. I do not have a problem with those timings

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Little Elm ISD

What would you do if a student came in and tell you they had been abused.

4 Answers

I would notify the police immediately. I learned in my School and Society class in college that this is exactly what to do. Less

I’d let the student know they’re in a safe place. I won’t judge them. Next I’ll tell my supervisor to see what I should do then report to CPS as I’m a mandated reporter leaving a copy of report with supervisor Less

I would be empathetics with the student and contact the appropriate personnel in order for the students to get the needed help. Less

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What sparked your interest in this position?

3 Answers

Although I am retired, I still have a passion to see students of all disabilities succeed to their fullest potential so continuing as substitute paraprofessional I can continue to use my knowledge and skills in helping students learn Less

I would like to continue using my skills with students with disabilities

My passion for working with students

Uinta County School District #1

If were were stopped in town by a parent of a student you have worked with, would you discuss problems with the student with the parent.

2 Answers

I said that I would not, because I would feel it would be better discussed by their teacher or school administrator. Less

No it’s not the place

New York City Department of Education

why do you want to be a para?

3 Answers

I have a good experience working with Autistic children


I Work in a school already I am a School - Aide I Work in this school about 21 yrs almost PS 298 Dr Betty Shabazz my kids went to this school on my lunch break I going into class and help some student with they work and help then with they math problem I thing I could be helpful in the classroom helping the teacher out I would like to be a paraprofessional help some student out when they stuck on word they don't know and help they to read Less

Catapult Learning

How would you deal with an at-risk student that becomes a distraction in the classroom?

3 Answers

Speak to them calmly. Ask them to step to the side away from the crowd so that I can talk to them one-on-one. Less

I would ask them 3 questions. What are they suppose to be doing? Why are they not doing? What are they going to do now? Say thank you and walk away. Anne Leake Less

If greater distraction ask child to stand outside.

Bellevue Public Schools

If you encountered two coworkers engaging in gossip, what would you do?

2 Answers

I would stay away from it and if the gossip got brought up in front of me, I wouldn't spread it and say it is not ethical to talk about other coworkers. Less

That's really hard to answer when it's the principal and the secretaries who are doing it! Less

Franklin Township School District-Somerset, New Jersey

Tell me about yourself?

2 Answers

Very organized, meticulous, hard working, perseverent, 8 yrs of private tutoring and masters in public health, did some temp work and some subbing, and one year of afterschool Less

Hard worker, dedicated, loyalty, etc.

Edina Public Schools

If a student you were helping had an emotional outburst, how would you handle the situation? what might you do to avoid the situation altogether?

2 Answers

I would stop the activity and try to calm the student down by separating them from others. If there are other teachers let them watch the other kids while I deal with outburst. If not wait while other students work independently. I’d let them draw or write out problem or do another calming activity. If verbal let them say why they are upset. If not use soothing music and activity Less

I drew upon a personal experience that happened earlier this year when I was helping a student with Down Syndrome Less

New York City Department of Education

Why do you want to be an educational paraprofessional?

2 Answers

I spoke about how all my volunteer work surrounding my own kids inspired me to get involved to share my mothering qualities to children who parents don't have time to offer. Less

I want to be a special Ed paraprofessional because I think I would enjoy it and do well working with children that have special needs. I’ve always had passion for working with such individuals and I believe I have the experience to work and care for them correctly. It makes me happy when I see a someone learning something new and understanding it, knowing that hopefully I’ve helped them in some way. Less

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