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Wells Fargo
Personal Banker I (SAFE) was asked...30 April 2014

all questions were expected much like what is your biggest sales accomplishment

4 Answers

What are good answers for these questions? I've worked for tacobell and I work for a school now so my customer service is a bit different and goals are too Less

I am sure that taco bell had sales goals that it had to achieve. What did you do to make sure that the daily goals were met for the store. The school how is success measured? Is it measured by enrollment? Is there a certain program you work with? If so how is that program successful? What do you do to make sure that you are not just clocking in and doing what is expected? Less

Tacobell honestly the management was horrible but I was great with customer friendly alway offer drinks and the new items . I always had good comments for me customer service and the school we have to have a certain amount of students in our groups and keep our read aloud interesting like do a puppet show or do role play have the students play it out just be fun . For homework I keep a charge of who finishes their homework and at the end of the week the earn a prize so I can encourage them to actually use their time wisely instead of them fooling around and this helps me help their parents . I do arts and craft and supplementally words as well and it helps the kids that need help with spelling and grammar Less

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Wells Fargo

Past experiences, sales experience, achievements

3 Answers

I am a qualified banker with a banking diploma from Institute of Bankers in Pakistan with 27.5 years fruitful experience on different tasks and assignments including Foreign Exchange. Less

Worked as Teller, Customer Services Representative, Foreign Trade Officer (Import & Export) Inward and Outward foreign remittances through different medias and monitoring the genuineness of remittances (regarding money laundering) Scrutiny of account opening. Less

Overall experience was smooth and efficient

Our Lady of the Lake Health

Why do you think you will be a good fit in this department?

3 Answers

I would be a great fit for this job because, I am great at managing difficult situations. I have a great personality that people like to work with. Less

I would be a great fit for this position, because I love to work with people. I am always up to learning new things. Less

I would be a great fit for this department, because I want to enhance and expand leadership skills. To inspire and grow in the knowledge at any position that I may be in. Less

Wells Fargo

After seeing many qualified candidates, what makes you the best candidate for this position?

2 Answers

I will do anything within my possible best to complete all the task giving to me

I explained that I would do what it takes to complete all tasks and goals given to me by the management team. Less

Wells Fargo

What is the primary source of getting sales from customers.

2 Answers

This was the second time I informed them about it as I had first informed one of the vps informally during lunch in the kitchen. Less

I informed them that we mostly did outbound calling and outbound sales such as posting flyers in different businesses and local stores around the area. Less

Wells Fargo

It's towards the end of the month and you're not pacing to meet your sales goals. What will you do to ensure that you meet the goals required?

1 Answers

If I'm not meeting my goals and it's towards the end of the month, then obviously I need to reevaluate things. I would step aside from the situation and evaluate my approach, and then go from there to take whatever necessary corrective action needed on my part, including reaching out to management if necessary for additional coaching. Less

American Samoa Government

Why do you want to work here in American Samoa?

2 Answers

I always knew after my education that I would be of great service to the people of American Samoa. What better way to serve then in the Government where they touch every aspect of island life? Less

U just want to help my family working here in Uppolu is not enough to help out with my family Less

Wells Fargo

Tell me a time when you demonstrated exemplary customer service...

2 Answers

How did you handle a conflict with a coworker...

I’d be listening for you to address the issue directly, listen and understand the other persons point of view, and the successes that came from a successful relationship post conflict. Less

Wells Fargo

Give me an example of your best customer service.

2 Answers

I replied that I give clients truffles and gift baskets. In the high end sales world, that makes a huge difference and clients love it. But it wasn't good enough interviewer asked me for another example. Less

1. Be their listening ears. 2. Genuinely expressing interest and understandings of their needs and objectives. 3. Go above and beyond of your service. Less

Wells Fargo

describe in 3 words what a personal banker does?

2 Answers

I answered. the face of the company, help customers with financial needs, and deliver great service. He seemed to like those answers. Less

He'll customers succeed ( financially, its on their website)

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