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Pharmacovigilance Scientist Interview Questions


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Description of volume 9A and areas where it is implemented?

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For the second question, i presented with all the details known to me and it was sufficient.

9A is known as human Pharmacovigilance for European Union

What will you choose between time and quality?

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About professional qualifications and experience

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They started with tell me about yourself and later on the subject questions

They asked me about my background, current job profile, and some academic questions.

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What is pharmacovigilance

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In the first round, they can ask anything about Pharmacovigilance, your background, general questions, pharamacology. Second round comprises of the narrative writing (CIOMS form will be given to you), case studies of the patients (like the patient is having these symptoms) will be given and you will have to answer the questions(based on the symptoms diagnose the disease) based on that study, basic pharmacology, tests used to diagnose various diseases like WIDAL test for typhoid and so on.

1. Introduce yourself. 2. What is the difference between side effect and adverse drug reaction ? 3. Why do you want to join this company ?

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Regarding my pharmacovigilance experience and why i should choose this dept as my carrier

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