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Center for Genomic Regulation
PhD Student was asked...28 October 2011

Where do you see yourself in 10 years.

2 Answers

Successful scientists, group leader myself

I see happy, a successful man. Enjoying my efforts and living with my family. Working in a place that I love and seeing how my jobs has been and is useful. Less

University College Cork

What research topic would you address if you had a budget of a million euros?

2 Answers

I wouldn't for that. First I would buy a house. Then for 500,000 I would invest 100,000. Then after 4 years show the profit. Less

First I would go to the literature on analytical detection of analytes. First and foremost I would phone industry people to meet them for to discuss difficulties for collaboration of what I can do. However, I would start with review articles to broaden my knowledge to expand. Less

National University of Singapore

Was asked to explain profile and previous projects

2 Answers

Was given a initial project for 3 months and they judge you based on the results and perfrmance Less

Any vaccancies for civil engineers ?

TU Wien
PhD Student was asked...10 December 2016

Description of my master thesis!

2 Answers

I was satisfied! :D

salut, j'ai une question à propos de la processus de recrutement en TU Wien. j'ai réalisé un entretien aujourd'hui pour une offre de PhD dans cette institut, le responsable de thèse m'a dit qu'il vas me répondre en mi-janvier prochain. ce que je veux savoir c'est l'invitation que vous avez reçus pour un 2emme entretien étais l'ors de premier entretien ou après par email?? mecri d'avance pour votre intérêt!!! cordialement Less

Vall d'Hebron Institut de Recerca

Your s científicos interests

2 Answers


I would like to teach my knowledge to the new generation.

what are the major academic achievements does your supervisor have

1 Answers


Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies

Möchtest du bei mir promovieren?

1 Answers


UNC Chapel Hill

Why did I choose UNC to apply for graduate school?

1 Answers

UNC has great faculty and I really like the flexibility that the umbrella program provides. Additionally, I am interested in vascular biology and UNC has a McAllister Heart Institute which recruits and invites the top scientists in the vascular field. Less

Tianjin University

socialist core values in China

1 Answers

prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

Describe your previous scientific work

1 Answers

I gave a brief summary of my former experience with a strong focus on my motivation for doing the work Less

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