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Southern California Edison
Planner I - Trainee was asked...26 February 2014

Taking the timed technical exam during the interview. Unexpected and really hard unless you have experience as a surveyor or architect.

3 Answers

When did you interview? I interviewed February 26 still waiting for response. Also which location did they give you? Thanks Less

Did you answer all the question in the test? Or leave some blank? Because edison employees who monitor the test told that leave the answer blank of the question we don't know rather than fill in the wrong answer. That would against the right answer. I want to know you are able to answer all the question. Thanks. Less

Can you provide some insight on what you will be tested on in the interview? Perhaps some things to study? Less

Summit County - Colorado

Planner I - Test was given.

1 Answers

You are given 15 minutes to answer 10 questions in regards to various codes.

South Salt Lake City Of

tell us about the experience you had with a difficult situation and you handled it?

1 Answers

I told them about neglect that happened in a reviewing a plan by another employee and I figured it out. Less

Newport News Shipbuilding

Are you familiar with CPI and SPI? What are they and why do they matter?

1 Answers

CPI is cost performance index, a measurement of performance to budget. SPI is schedule performance index, a measurement of performance to schedule. Both are important because keeping up with our budget and our schedule is essential to customer satisfaction. Less

Los Angeles Metro

Are you a US citizen? What is the most important thing to a project?

1 Answers

Yes, I am a US citizen, grew up in the area, and a permanent resident. We want the most complete project because missing and unaccounted line items balloon the overall cost of the project. I assumed there would be constant cash flow because it is the life line of any project...The answer replied to me was my assumption, constant cash flow. Less

Raytheon Technologies

How do you do critical path analysis in MS project.

1 Answers

I said that I start by going to the function tab and selecting the critical tasks check box. Then review the status of current tasks, then doing what-ifs. Identifying dependencies. then finding total slack in each near critical path. Less

The Coca-Cola Company

You see an employee damage a box of good, but the employee loads the box to be shipped regardless. What do you do?

1 Answers

Stop him immediately and make your coworker aware. If Coworker does nothing about the damaged package, then at an appropriate time that shift, inform your supervisor. Less

The Coca-Cola Company

How situations were handled with difficult fellow employees.

1 Answers

A resolution was achieved to the degree that there was no escalation of disagreement. Less

Tell me where you see the county heading.

1 Answers


Raytheon Technologies

Tell me how you decompose a SOW into a WBS.

1 Answers

I explained that I start by Identifying lines of effort, and summary tasks to associate with cost accounts. Then use either similar projects from the past, heuristics, or input from experts to identify tasks, durations, and dependencies required for completion of milestones and deliverables. Less

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