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what is the volume of 1 cement bag?std size of bricks?what is the current rate of 1bag cement,bricks,sand?qty estimation of 1 bhk home to be answered in 5 min.which cement to be used for under water works or ther may be water leekage?

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1) vol. of cement bag=50kg/bag 2)std size of brick=19*9*9 cm Nominal size= 20*10*10 cm 3)rate of cement =300-350 rs per bag Rate of brick=7-8 rs per brick Rate of sand = 2000-2500rs per ton 4)PPC- Portland Pozzolana Cement is used for under water structures and there may be a chance of little leakage 5)Qty estimation of 1bhk house : 37 m * Earth work excavation =39.6 m^3 *foundation concrete =11.32m^3 *sand Filling=14.8 m^3 *size stone masonry =21.7m^3 *DPC =10.92m^2 *mosaic flooring =35.64m^2 *inside plastering (12mm) =108.4m^2 *no. of bricks for 1m^3= 500 numbers *cement required for 2.5m^3 cemet mortar=14 bags *Sand required for 2.5m^3 of cement mortar =2.78m^3

50kg or 1.735 volume 9*9*19 cm Rs.350 cement 1 mud brick 7 rupees 1 tipper sand 23,000 20 lakh OPC cement

0.0347m3, 19×9×9, 300-350, as per market rate , and bricks are as per ton square feet ,Portland cement

Tell abt urself

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As i was interviewed for the planning engineer, the questions like the duration of the completion of building was asked.

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What are your key strengths ? What are your hobbies and interests ? Are you ready to relocate Are you flexible with timings (if have to work in shift) ?

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What is a critical path in a project schedule?

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Whats your expection

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How much you expect?

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How many critics paths are present in a schedule

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Questions are related to work experience and technical . Asking about family and edcation background. Overall 1 St class is required. After aptitude test of technical and quantitative, program manager will take interview. Once it is cleared then we have to give HR interview. Final interview will be with Technical MD. It's formal disscusion but still someone may reject from that round also.

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