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what is the volume of 1 cement bag?std size of bricks?what is the current rate of 1bag cement,bricks,sand?qty estimation of 1 bhk home to be answered in 5 min.which cement to be used for under water works or ther may be water leekage?

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1) vol. of cement bag=50kg/bag 2)std size of brick=19*9*9 cm Nominal size= 20*10*10 cm 3)rate of cement =300-350 rs per bag Rate of brick=7-8 rs per brick Rate of sand = 2000-2500rs per ton 4)PPC- Portland Pozzolana Cement is used for under water structures and there may be a chance of little leakage 5)Qty estimation of 1bhk house : 37 m * Earth work excavation =39.6 m^3 *foundation concrete =11.32m^3 *sand Filling=14.8 m^3 *size stone masonry =21.7m^3 *DPC =10.92m^2 *mosaic flooring =35.64m^2 *inside plastering (12mm) =108.4m^2 *no. of bricks for 1m^3= 500 numbers *cement required for 2.5m^3 cemet mortar=14 bags *Sand required for 2.5m^3 of cement mortar =2.78m^3

50kg or 1.735 volume 9*9*19 cm Rs.350 cement 1 mud brick 7 rupees 1 tipper sand 23,000 20 lakh OPC cement

0.0347m3, 19×9×9, 300-350, as per market rate , and bricks are as per ton square feet ,Portland cement

As i was interviewed for the planning engineer, the questions like the duration of the completion of building was asked.

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What are your key strengths ? What are your hobbies and interests ? Are you ready to relocate Are you flexible with timings (if have to work in shift) ?

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What is a critical path in a project schedule?

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Whats your expection

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How many critics paths are present in a schedule

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How much you expect?

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primavera filters

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Do you know primavera and Msp. Asked regarding the HOD of my college. No extra questions apart from this.

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