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How to reverse the linked list

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I gave them three inline options god knows they were able to get it I think he only knows one way putting all the elements in the array and then reversing it when I finally told that he was happy.

Autocorrect words api

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All are average questions.

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2 silly programs to code line by line for a Principal Software Engineer!!!

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Sr.Director focused so much on White papers and Patents giving the impression that it felt like most of the CA employees have White papers/Patents which is not true. He asked why I didn't have White papers/Patents till now and grilled as if that is the minimum requirement for this position...which is not true again.

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Questions on Arrays, Data Structures and Algorithms.

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Explain packet flow through broadcom asic

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Build cache

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Design: Design a multiplayer game in distributed environment.

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1.Telephonic Binders in android android lifecyle 2. Machine Test-Implement a Listview with checkbox 3.Managerial round. Find the intersection node of two linked lists intersecting.

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