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Global Private Banking Summer Analyst was asked...5 March 2023

How would you approach building a strong relationship with the client?


2. You manager tells you that you must deliver a presentation at a conference the following week. You have not yet made any preparations for this presentation. The conference is in a different city, and you will have to fly there. You will have to make your own air and hotel reservations and the company will reimburse you later. How would you prepare for this trip? Which tasks would you address first. 3. You have recently been assigned a task that is loosely defined. You have been given some instructions, but ultimately it is up to you to determine how to complete this task. How comfortable would you be working on this ambiguous task? Why? 4. Your organization is hosting a two-day sales conference. All the sales people from various clients plan to attend. You are responsible for making all the arrangements for the guests. When you start making the arrangements, you discover that another major event is happening in the city on the same dates. This event is also attracting a large amount of visitors from all over the world. What will you consider while making all the arrangements? 5. Describe a time you prompted diversity, equality, or inclusion in an activity at work or in education. Provide a specific example. What did you learn from it? Why did you promote this

Weatherbys Private Bank

Describe a time where you went above and beyond for a customer?


Wie viel ich außerhalb der herkömmlichen Ausbildung leiste. Ein paar Praxis Fragen.


Why this role and why HSBC?


How would you approach building a relationship with the client?


Tell me about yourself What is your greatest strength? Do you have any questions for us ? Where do you see yourself in five years ?


introduce yourself in 2mins and record a video


Why do you choose this bank?

IDB Bank

Tell me a little about yourself.

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