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Depends on the process you are gonna work for.For say if you working for supply chain management,supply related questions would be asked

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Just be confident while giving the answer,be polite and be a good listener

what to say when HR ask, y di u want to leave ur current organisation????

HR asked me do you believe in God and why ? But i dont believe said by HR.

2 Answers

why want a job?

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Why you want to join this business

3 Answers

why being such a bright student you wanna join the bpo sector?

4 Answers

Define the role

1 Answer

Influence of politics on Indian youth.

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Salary Expectation

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there was a question(transaction)-outstanding rent to be paid. and paid after some months.....

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since the brand Genpact comes under BPO sector so most difficult question to answer is why do you want to join BPO???

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