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Tell me about you.

2 Answers

I explaind about my family background, education, experiences in different companies & finally hobby.

You should keep it related to position. Education and work experience. If you want to briefly say you are from a different country, that may be OK as it would show language/culture skills.

“What if u r not selected."

1 Answer

As, such nothing was that difficult. Though I feel it was difficult to answer that what are your long term goals and whether you are interested in PhD or in MBA.

1 Answer

Why did you leave your present job?

1 Answer

How to find the time for discharge from a tank knowing the flow velocity, Volume of the tank etc.

1 Answer

if a manager asked u to compromise on company ethics what to do

1 Answer

Why are you looking for a change ?

1 Answer

the timed graph and table data based questions

1 Answer

Can the data structure of the system be changed ?

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