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Procurement analyst Interview Questions


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Introduction and work experience. Why you want to join the company Why you left the previous job Strength and weakness

4 Answers

Elaborated my self and work experience. Answered all question and good interactive session about my goals and objectives

My Process has ramp down so looking for new opportunity. My Profile matches with your requirements.

Hardworking, detail oriented, Punctual, Positive attitude, Supportive & Patience.

Explain what is procurement, P2P cycle

3 Answers

Tell us about your self?

2 Answers

What if I give you 2 million and say not to work any where? What will you do?

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You are riding a bike a tire gets burst .You have traveled a distance of 5 km,what is the distance you can travel as soon as the tire gets burst.

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On what criteria you will select the vendor for procuring the item.

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You are travelling at 100 miles/hour and suddenly in front of your car; there is a pregnant woman, an old man and a young boy, who would you hit?

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They asked me to brief about Procurement Process of Materials.

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what you know about INCO terms?

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why you want to work in this company?

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