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What is the difference between an abstract class and an interface?

What is Encapsulation? What is function overloading? Inheritance questions.

What are your inspiration?

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nothing... All are realted to resume and your past experience

Practical questions of SQL queries on Joins and Ranking 1. Top 3 salaried employees for each department in Emp and Department tables. 2. Primary key, Foreign key and other constrains. 3. Effect of cascade on delete statement. 4. Joins in update query.

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Given a problem statement and describe what was given, what you understood, how you are going to do and your solution. Believe me most of the questions were making no sense, the interviewer asked to create and eventing system using hibernate but hibernate is an ORM framework not an eventing system.

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Concentrated more on C skills, debugging skills and Version control systems

The project Round. Normally companies doesn't have project rounds. Where as this company does have a project round which is something new for a 6.5 years of exp guy. Not much technical questions is asked.

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