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Mix of Case studies, puzzles, feature suggestion and practical problem-solving for given Business model.

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There were only 3-4 Questions. 1.What I do in my current job 2.Why Google? 3.What are the first steps I as a Product Manager will look into when designing an app for a theme park? 4.What features would I include? 5.What metrics would I track to measure the success of app? 6.How would I design an ATM machine for use at a country's airports? 7.Any other questions I had

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Product design, estimation, strategy

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Choose your favorite product, explain why and how would you improve

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Would you like to join our Organization?

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about the product knowledge

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What is your framework for deciding user-centric vs product stability and engineering focused features in a product release?

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Do you support the Prime Minister Modi?

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Irrelevant questions for this position . Looks like they had no clue what to ask

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They gave a case study and ask questions related to that

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