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User Experience Project Manager was asked...11 August 2020

Explain a difficult concept you know very well in 2 minutes.

1 Answers

I talked about continuous (Vygotsky) versus step-like (Piaget) psychological theories. Less

Huawei Technologies

why work for a chinese company run from china

1 Answers

they have lots to learn from silicon valley


Décrivez votre parcours académique et professionnel

1 Answers

Pourquoi Chanel ?


I was asked for an alternate day for the cancelled phone intervview.

1 Answers

I provided my preferred day and never heard from Butterfly MX again.

Custom Ink

" I need to know the exact amount of salary you received last year..."

1 Answers

"I think a range should be appropriate, since I'm not sure what my exact salary was last year due to our bonus structure." Less


Digital skills + Experience in Agile

1 Answers

Provided examples how stuff is done in the digital world


Es waren so viele, die können unmöglich aufgezählt werden. Jedoch musste ich im 1. Gespräch eine Case Study lösen, das fend ich super.


How did you deal with stakeholders in the project?


Why did you leave your current job.

Scoop News Group

Why are you looking to change jobs in this difficult time?

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