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1. Past experience and which all technologies have you worked on yet? 2. Why should I hire you? 3. If we select you, what will you bring to this organization?

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1. Narrated my past experience. 2. Positive energy 3. Right Attitude to work

what value did your MIS reporting bring ?

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Bond Coupon ? Bond Callable and Puttable features? Tell me an incidence where one transaction effects all 3 statements? S&P Global Ticker ? More Q's on my previous work ? VBA and Excel related Q's? SQL related Query's? Turnover Ratios and days outstanding ratios,CCC, DIO, DRO?

How to search last fourth array element in a single traversal. SQl queries to find duplicate column.

tell me about yourself

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Tell me about your project

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why should not we hire you for this role

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