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Production Control Planner was asked...18 May 2015

Why did I want to work there.

2 Answers

I needed health insurance.

I’m going to move to euless tx

The Coca-Cola Company

Are you still interested in the position?

2 Answers

Ii still want the position on the ongoing team working and living in UK

Ii still want the position on the ongoing team working and living in UK

Cantel Medical

How did you resolve a difficult situation with a supplier?

2 Answers

Related a story of a supplier who had slipped with quality and delivery and how I resolved the situation. Less

I would work one on one to understand the situation. I would then negotiate to get to a win win situation to that best suits both companies. Was the situation resolvable,if not possible market test the product for al alternate or secondary supplier. If proprietary , I would hope that a statement of work was created to mitigate these situations. Less

American Airlines

We each had to think of one work to describe ourselves. Had to make sure yours was diffeent from the other two.

2 Answers



eCycle Solutions

What would you do if your production plan was correct but the production supervisors did not follow the plan and now the CEO was grilling you in front of everyone?

1 Answers

Why is the CEO micro managing?


What is your expected pay range?

1 Answers

I told I will respond to that question if I could learn more about what the company has budgeted for the position. She did not even know how much the company has budgeted for the position. Very rude and disorganized person. Less

Gorilla Circuits

what is your experience with excel

1 Answers

i am confidence with my excel skill


if you were to fill this room with tenis balls, how would estimate how many balls would you need?

1 Answers

with a volumetric calculation.

Allegro MicroSystems

A good chunk of the position-related questions were directly out of some baby-brained playbook taken right out of 1990; that is, those generic questions meant to trip you up and see how you answer. Look... I don't totally dismiss their intention, but these questions are very out of date. It's filler used as a recourse for interviewers to fall back on when they quickly run out of valid questions. They're asked awkwardly and answered awkwardly. I despise them and all I can think about when posed with one of these geriatric softballs is to contemplate all the years I've spent studying and working that got me here. Seriously... let's take it up a knotch, shall we?

1 Answers

"I hate these questions and honestly don't see the value. I know it was a trend a while ago, but these days it seems like nothing more than just that: a trend that for some reason continues to be perpetuated by some people for whatever reason". And: "I can easily regurgitate a response, as these are old news, but wouldn't you rather know about [fill in the blank]?" Less

Allegro MicroSystems

What does your wife do for a living?

1 Answers

What my wife does for a living is far more impressive than my own career. And if I were to answer this question honestly, it would have also shown that I was here (the area) for good, and looking for a long-term commitment. It would have been to my benefit. Instead, I totally deflected the topic and only alluded to something completely different - and outright lie. Why? because how the hell this is relevant to my interviewing for the job, and what business is it of yours anyway?! Real companies don't ask something like this in an interview. If the person is hired and, later on, personal information is shared than great. But for an interview... asking about my wife? Are you kidding me??! Less

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