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How to rename a set of *.txt files to *.c

6 Answers

mv cant be used because it will try to find a file with name *.c. So need to use for loop kind of thing. for example: 1)for i in `find / -type f -name '*.txt' -print` do x=`cut -d'.' -f1` mv $i $x.c done 2) ls *.txt|sed -e 's/.*/mv & &/' -e 's/.txt/.c/2'|sh

rename 's/\.txt/\.c/' *.txt

Use command 'basename'

Tell us something about yourself

5 Answers

I have permanent job

4 Answers

What the role of previous company

4 Answers

how to fix target for production

3 Answers

about work experience

3 Answers

Difference b/w C++ and Java

3 Answers

What will you do if you ever find that your senior is doing a mistake and he is not listening to your suggestions?? will you complain about him to higher management?

2 Answers

why you want to join our company.

3 Answers

Differnce between manual and automatic transmission

3 Answers
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