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They test your Excel knowledge and communication skills.

The first they asked was if I knew anything about the company

Technical : 1. find prime numbers within range. 2. what is recursion and what are its types ? 3. recursive fibonacci series 4. reverse a given string 5. a logical question involving all possible permutations of 2 number's 6. different types of sorting i know followed by bubble sort code . 7. difference between bubble and merge and quicksort. 8, difference between delete and truncate in dbms. 9. explain transaction to a kid. 10. what are ACID properties explain with example. 11. difference bt. entry and exit controlled loop. HR: 1. what's the meaning of your name? 2. why not higher studies as your grades are quite high 3. knowledge vs skill which is important 4. why you prefer online courses 5. what do you do in logo designing(my hobby is logo and poster designing)? 6. what changes do you think is required in you before you join cognizant? Finally gave a sheet of paper and asked me to read the terms and condition's if i agreed then to sign it .

Write about gst

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Write Email to invite a person to attend a conference

Basic . However, a few interviewers would demean the job role you are applying for and it appears that they want you to yourself say no to the role..

Why do you want to work here?

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if you dont have split method then how will you perform string handling.....

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tell me about yourself? What is production planning? What do you know about construction?

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