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Only they need money no interview questions

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1. pattern question n=1 * *** n=2 * *** * * ***** n=3 * *** * * ***** * * * *******

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Puzzle question: A Floating ship contains 1 stone , If I drop that stone in sea,,What will happen with water level??? Is it increase or decrease n why??

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How to check if a number is divisible by 16 without using operator / or % ?

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First round was online test which contains 75 aptitude,reasoning and english questions and 5 programs you have to execute either in c++ or java.Online test is conducted by deselect.this pattern is similar to the amcat pattern.

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if there are 6 people in a team, how many handshakes will be there

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Short coding : 1. They gave an array A with N elements we need to find if addition of two elements in the array will be the element K Ex: I/P: a[5]={7,3,2,6,4,} K=10; Op:7+3=10 6+4=10 2. Two sorted array a[],b[] will be given we need to merge the array without temporary array. 3. An array arr[] with elements are given we need to sort the odd number in descending on left side and the even numbers in ascending on the right side of the array Ex: I/P: arr[5]={7,4,3,5,2} O/P:7 5 3 2 4

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Given an large list of unsorted numbers, find the smallest number. You can access the list only 3 numbers at a time, and keep moving forward 1 number at a time.

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Q1. Print the 1st and 100th element of Fibonacci series together, 2nd and 99th element and so on. Q2. Print the following pattern 1 2 4 3 6 9 4 8 12 16 5 10 15 20 25. (Condition was using one for loop)

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Interview date and Venue: The Marriott Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore on 12 Sept 2015. First Round: Purely Technical (Mr Farhan, he was really nice guy with sound technical knowledge) 1) What is autoboxing and unboxing? 2) What is comparable and comparator? 3) What is @autowire in Spring? 4) What Hibernate and its configuration? 5) What transaction in hibernate? If with out calling save, I close transaction what will happen? 6) How to get value from name attribute in jquery? Also with class and id. 7) if you know anything about Javascript MVC, Angular JS, Node JS etc? 8) Why Spring is called loosely coupled? 9) what is DI or IOC in spring? Explain with example. 10) @transaction, @repository, @autowired annotation? 11) Types of autowiring in Spring. Second Round: Director's Round, Partially technical. (Mr. Sanjoy, Not so easy to convince him) 1) What is the thing which you have learned on your own in your career. I told Javascript and Jquery. 2) Write a javascript code to submit a simple form having username and password. (idk why he asked that!!) 3) When and why we should use ConcurrentHashmap and HashTable? 4) When should we use SOA and when we should avoid it? (SOA is my current technology I am working on). 5) What is current CTC, notice period and expected CTC. 6) Reason for job change. Why so early? Third round : Written 1) Write program or pseudo code to get first 2 largest and smallest number from an array of integers. 2) Give class hierarchy for Polygon, Parallelogram, Rectangle, Square, Circle and Pentagon. 3) Prepare a linked list having String and integer values and print only integer values out of it. 4) You have 6 identical balls, one of them is heavier. How many times will you use balance to pick out odd one? 5) You reach office from home at speed of 20 kmph and from office to home at 30 kmph. Calculate the avg speed. 6) You have 3 machines M1, M2 and M3, each of which takes 5 min to process one wooden pencil. The flow of processing is m1-->m2-->m3. Only one pencil is allowd at a time at one machine. You have 5 pencils. how long will it take to process all of them? If inc m2 by 7mins then how long will it take to process all? If also inc m1 by 6mins then how long will it take? 7) Select name, count(*) as count from tablename; write down the output. 8) difference between Unique key and primary key? 9) difference between function and stored procedure? 10) A simple join query of 4 tables to display a set of columns out out of them. 11) Write a not to client stating, convincing him the reason behind the delay in project delivery. After all of this I was told that they will reach out to me in next 5 days. Today was my interview, let's wait and watch ;)

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