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Difference between Risk and Issues in Project Management

8 Answers

Risk is something you anticipate in Project whereas Issue is something that is already happened in Project

had the same question during IBM internal interview

? Issue- potential to impact – have a plan to mitigate. (Is a "Known") ? Risk – We can devise plans to mitigate but no expected ETA.(several unknowns)- Also Risk can become an opportunity

Add two numbers using half adder logic.

2 Answers

Why do you want to join TCS?

5 Answers

This question about count the number of white Maruti cars in the city is a very common question with this HOD. It is asked during all interviews irrespective of levels.

4 Answers

which is more important - team or clients

5 Answers

Most difficult or rather unexpected quesion was to explain how i am intrested to work with the company.

1 Answer

How will you manage one of your over-confident team member who always wants to move out for higher responsibilites but not so good in taking up those? Important thing being he is bit critical in the current position.

3 Answers

No JD based questions rather interview was based on preconceived notion of the hiring manager ; Very generic questions

3 Answers

What will you do if we will force you to go for a location which you didn't opt ?

3 Answers

Tested more on approach than solution. An island has a grass heap and its getting burnt, how do you stop that.

3 Answers
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