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Vantage Labs
Proposal Writer was asked...15 June 2012

Tell me something that you would never tell anyone.

2 Answers

"I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die." Seriously though, how do you answer this? I'm curious as to how you responded... I wouldn't blame you if you just hung up on him at that point. Less

My answer to this question was not clear because I was taken aback by it. I contined with phone interview, and was invited to face to face (no offer). Less

Airport Concessions Inc.

I was asked about my writing experience.

1 Answers

I told them I was an excellent writer

Infinite Computer Solutions

What is your date of birth.

1 Answers

I did not respond and told the interviewer that this question is illegal in the United States. Less

Biosafe Systems

"Did that answer your question? It was very drawn out and not very to the point - but did I answer it?"

1 Answers

"Yes, thank you." --> The question I asked was "work-life balance". And as stated above, he didn't specially answer the question, but answered that there is no work-life balance. More so, not listening to candidates when they ask their own questions. So, yes, you answered my overall question of company culture. Less

Phacil, Inc.

What would you do if you received conflicting feedback from two supervisors?

1 Answers

I would decline offer.


About what type of work I do

1 Answers

Gave correct information


We can't find the person who is supposed to interview you. Do you want to leave?

1 Answers

I suppose I should call a cab. (HR called a taxi for me)

Cradles to Crayons

Why do you want a part-time job?

1 Answers

When you get an offer you should understand this place is very (!) entry level. They won't negotiate anything. If you try to get a more favorable deal, they'll withdraw the offer & seek someone else. Also get everything in writing when you get an offer. I was offered a term of employment during my intial phone interview but they wouldn't commit to it in writing. My impression is that if they hire you part-time they will try to get extra hours out of you without extra pay. If you're working part-time, you may need a second part-time job to cover bills. This means the C2C job may conflict with yourother job. I was told the turnover rate is very high & it seemed to be implied that the employer doesn't expect you to stay long even in professional roles. They give no benefits if you come in as a part-timer & pay hourly. Some part-time jobs including my last one provide some benefits. They won't pay part-timers for the extra hours you work at mandatory special events. They don't seem to value thinking employees either. My impression is they want a pair of hands to churn out paper to impress senior managers as opposed to be effective in accomplishing the stated goals of the charity. Caveat: The office space is a windowless airless back room of sorts in a warehouse. Less

Allegient Defense

Provide a short summary of capabilities

1 Answers

Provided an overview of the experience

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Q: Why are you looking for work?

1 Answers

I am bored and the extra income would help

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