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How important do you think the role of psychologist is in today's world ? Where the requirement for psychologist is more - Personal or Work?

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The role of a psychologist becomes extremely high in today's scenario, as the complexity of emotions have grown more not only for interpersonal but for intrapersonal too. Coming to the requirement of psychologist is more in workspace or personal life. Actually both are interconnected. If you have crisis situation in personal life, you bring the same worries to work too and it starts affecting the work input by you. Even in work situation, if you are having issues with coworker, with communication, culture, relationship issue or monotonous work, it starts showing on the personal part and makes a person emotionally drained.

All questions were very theoretical and not based on the psychology but more on speech and language disorders

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Are you put up close to the 6th Avenue Anna Nagar? What is Cognition, Affection and Conation? Do you know anything about Vedanta?

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