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Well, in the Logical Interview, there was a question about 4 friends crossing a bridge with a single torch. The speeds of all the 4 friends were different and no one could cross the bridge without a torch. So while going 2 people had to go while coming back only one could come back with the torch. I think that the speeds were: 2, 3, 6 & 7. I gave the answer as 20 but it was wrong. It was a tricky question.

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The Answer was 16.

but what is to be find?

Ans is 18 mins 1and 2 go-3min 1 comes back-2 mins 3 and 4 go=7 mins 2comes back=3 mins 1 ans 2 go=3 mins so 3+2+7+3+3=18 mins

How is the relation with your dad?

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There is gold bar given to you every week. You have a person working for you. At the end of the day you have give that person a piece from that gold bar and equal amount of piece each day(7 pieces 7 days). But the condition is you are given a whole gold bar and you have to break it in 7 pieces with 3 strikes only. You cant melt it or cut horizontally. N.B : It's a gold bar and not gold cake so its not round but rectangular.

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As I am a Stats based student, I was asked some questions based on statistics. I think they look for smart and honest answers, and give weight to our way of thinking. The most difficult question I was asked was, I guess, 'Why they shouldn't hire me'

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Introduction and work experience. Why you want to join the company Why you left the previous job Strength and weakness

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Will you be able to join immediately?

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Tell me about u r self

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solve this puzzle.:if you have a page which burns out in 60 min,how will you measure a time of 52.5 minutes?

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Questions were based on past experiences in life.

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What do you know about Northern Trust?

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