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Associate Software Engineer Interview Questions in Pune


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explain basic OOP concepts.

4 Answers

Oop is an object oriented programming language it refers to a type of computer programming software design

Object, class, polymorphism, inheritance, message passing, dynamic binding,data abstraction,data encapsulation.

Basic oop's concept:object, Class, Data encapsulation, abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Dynamic binding, Message passing.

write a code to find largest odd number from the given array

3 Answers

SQL functions, Leap year program in pl/sql, find odd number program in pl/sql

3 Answers

can we find the end of circular linked list?

2 Answers

There was question in which there are two candles and u have to burn them with a ligter .. Each candle can burn upto 14 min. You have to burn these candle in 10.5 min.

2 Answers

Data Structures, OOPS concepts, DBMS Questions

2 Answers

Basically from .net

1 Answer

HR asked if you are ready to relocate.

1 Answer

Area of interest

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