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Well, in the Logical Interview, there was a question about 4 friends crossing a bridge with a single torch. The speeds of all the 4 friends were different and no one could cross the bridge without a torch. So while going 2 people had to go while coming back only one could come back with the torch. I think that the speeds were: 2, 3, 6 & 7. I gave the answer as 20 but it was wrong. It was a tricky question.

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The Answer was 16.

but what is to be find?

Ans is 18 mins 1and 2 go-3min 1 comes back-2 mins 3 and 4 go=7 mins 2comes back=3 mins 1 ans 2 go=3 mins so 3+2+7+3+3=18 mins

As I am a Stats based student, I was asked some questions based on statistics. I think they look for smart and honest answers, and give weight to our way of thinking. The most difficult question I was asked was, I guess, 'Why they shouldn't hire me'

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solve this puzzle.:if you have a page which burns out in 60 min,how will you measure a time of 52.5 minutes?

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Have you ever realized that you did something wrong? If so, what were the steps you took to fix it?

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Q: Which one of the following qualities do you think is most important for a business analyst 1. Communication 2. Empathy 3. Attention to Detail

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explain Order to Cash cycle

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General puzzles. Most important thing here is ,even-though puzzles are simple,but you should explain properly . Questions like :- Ants moving on circumference of square ,what is probability of meeting ? wood and cut related puzzle. aptitude related questions . some 2 other puzzles .you can easily answer those questions Estimate number of transaction through online tomorrow in Delhi Team management related questions . case studies Airtel 4G sim launch in middle east countries ,what all factors required to keep in mind while entering into market. You will be given 3-4 startup Ideas,then you have choose one among them and say why you want to invest in that startup ,why not in other two startup. Market entering cases,identifying target audience questions. Client -related questions,how you will prioritize clients ? If you are going in plane ,in between it is crashed in deserted island ,how you will handle this situation. Hr- tell me about yourself ,Weakness, strength, role model, most difficult situation ,how you managed it . Be thorough with your CV. Be organic,natural ,tell answers in your own style ,decent communication skills, strong team work . comments :- I got call from HR stating that I am placed but I haven't received offer letter .As I am in final year ,after completion of my graduation I will receive a offer letter. Interviewers are really cool enough . But it is time taking process ,please be patient in order to make through the final . For more queries and want to know any other things contact me LinkedIn name :- Kadarla Manoj Kumar Wish you all the best !

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number of balls questions like there are 8 balls and one is heavy, how many tries would you require to find out with a weighing scale

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Describe Six sigma process

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