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Senior Purchasing Agent was asked...11 August 2015

How do you currently discover suppliers?

2 Answers

You can open a public request, in order to make a register of supplier, the companies that could be interested can summit their background. Less

Networking cast a big net. You can find what you need very fast by just asking.


Do you like to solve problems?

2 Answers

It’s my best skill

Yes, i like to challenge myself

Spiral Binding Company

Where do you see yourself in five years?

2 Answers

Working for a company with great advancement opportunity

Managing Supply Chain at a company with a large global trade

Video Products

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

As a Purchasing Manager, leading a department.

M & M Manufacturing Tulsa

What would I do differently than I had done in the past times with the company?

1 Answers

Work on getting along with other employees and the owner.


They asked about my experience in purchasing and procurement

1 Answers

I told them about my background in buying electronic components

B&D Industries

Why was I interested in working for their company?

1 Answers

Based upon the information I had received in the telephone interview and additional information I was able to obtain from their website, they company seemed to be what I was looking for in an employer. Less

IZI Medical Products

How well do you work with a team? Tell me about your negotiation experiences Tell me how you have saved your previous employer product cost Tell me about your inventory management experience

1 Answers

I work power Port in 2018, company that that gives out an apple satisfy product power banks to Corp members for rentage during orientation camp, as a supervisor I go into the hall to address them and bring to their knowledge to know how the service is of advantage to them, in every orientation program we normally have not less than 2000 Corp members patronizing us on a regular, some rents that 200 everyday while more than half will have to subscribe for the rest their stay for 3000, at the end of every orientation program we earn up to 900000 ,at times if too low 600000, also work with papyrus Magazine where I lure dignities through online interview to partner with the company award winning events, I am with boundless multi service firm, I generates clients for investments always through social media hyping Less


tell me something about you not on your resume

1 Answers

I told them a very engaging story about my past that make everyone laugh, and help to start the interview off on the right foot. It is good to cut the tension when you first start an interview. Everyone in the room puts there pants on the same way Less

Florida Department of Transportation

What ERP software do you have experience using?

1 Answers

Provided them with the various software ERP/MRP software I used.

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