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The Cronin Company
Purchasing Director was asked...17 April 2019

if you were prescription bottle what would the directions be?

1 Answers

I didn't answer the question. it wasn't a real question

Reading Area Community College

Why should we hire you?

1 Answers

I can take this department further than you've ever imagined.

KB Home

A verity of personal and professional questions were asked to see if I was a good fit for their organization.

1 Answers

I expressed honest responses that helped define leadership skills and a sense of my management style. Less

Sonesta International Hotels

"Let's say you're on the loading dock and a local seafood company delivers several whole salmon: in detail, tell me how you would go about receiving that product, and once received, how would you store it?"

1 Answers

Check the container the salmon was delivered in for sanitation and temp; ensure eyes are clear and not cloudy; pull back gills to ensure gills are bright red, not dark or gray; run your hand over the skin to feel for sliminess (not good); if ordered 'scaled', make sure by running your hand from tail towards head; open belly cavity to ensure all entrails have been removed and that the fish smells fresh, like ocean water; weigh the fish to ensure that the weight on the invoice is the weight you're receiving; compare price/pound to ensure quoted price is the price you're being charged; once received, place salmon in a bin with multiple holes in the bottom for drainage; place that bin w/salmon into a second closed-bottom bin; completely cover all product with shaved or crushed ice; using a meat tag, fill in the appropriate data for tracking and rotation; check product daily, empty melted ice from bottom container, add more shaved or crushed ice to completely cover product again. Less

St. Ann’s Community

Do you know how to create budgets for the department

1 Answers

I answered, usually budgets came from senior leaders and I have formulas that pertain to the budgeting process Less

Thermo Fisher Scientific

How much experience do you have working with European based colleagues.

1 Answers

Limited but quarterly.

Lear Corporation

Why do you want to work at Lear

1 Answers

The culture of the company and ability to grow as experience is gained

Alpha Automotive

Have you worked in the past as a 1099 Employee and was I comfortable and successful working in a commission pay environment?

1 Answers

Yes I had worked both W-4 and 1099 positions and liked the idea of building my own income base and determining my salary based on my own efforts. Less

Stanford University

Can we get more references -- after three references and complete back ground, credit, history check -- really?

1 Answers

Thank you but I have another opportunity I am pursing.

K V K Tech

Do you really want THIS salary requirement for THIS position?

1 Answers

Yes. This salary requirement is my worth as an individual and representative of what I bring to the table in any role I were to fill. Less

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