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6. Coding Questions Asked to screenshare in the hangouts, and asked to open the eclipse, gave two problems to solve. 1. Check when multiplying a 6 digit number with 2 gives a number which has all the same numbers. E.g: 142857 x 2 = 285714

7 Answers

public class MirrorImageNumbers { public static void main(String[] args) { int number = 142857; int mul = 2; int ans = (number * mul); // int 285714 String s1 = String.valueOf(number); String s2 = String.valueOf(ans); System.out.println(s1 + " , " + s2); char ch1[] = s1.toCharArray(); char ch2[] = s2.toCharArray(); String sort1 = ""; String sort2 = ""; Arrays.sort(ch1); for (char i : ch1) { sort1 = sort1 + i; } Arrays.sort(ch2); for (char i : ch2) { sort2 = sort2 + i; } System.out.println(sort1 + " " + sort2); if(sort1.equals(sort2)) System.out.println("Mirrored!!"); else System.out.println("Wrong!!"); } }

public static boolean checkNumber(int num) { int numTwice=num*2; String number = String.valueOf(num); char[] c = number.toCharArray(); List lic = new ArrayList(); for(char cc:c) { lic.add(cc); } String number2 = String.valueOf(numTwice); char[] c2 = number2.toCharArray(); List lic2 = new ArrayList(); for(char cc:c2) { lic2.add(cc); } Collections.sort(lic); Collections.sort(lic2); System.out.println(lic.toString()); System.out.println(lic2.toString()); if(lic2.equals(lic)) return true; else return false; }

Without Using Collections! int x=142857 ; int r=x * 2; // To take the count of numbers 0-9 int a[]=new int[10]; while(x>0){ int t=x % 10; a[t-0]++; x /=10; } while(r>0){ int t=r%10; a[t-0]--; r /=10; } boolean flag=false; for(int p:a){ if(p!=0){ flag=true; System.out.println("Not Equals"); break; } } if(!flag) System.out.println("Equals");

4) Give 1 effective test case, just 1 test case to determine a white paper is a white pape

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What do you think would be your responsibilities as an analyst?

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3. If the backend is down (server + db), how will test the front end data population?

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4. Instead of keeping the JSON request (POST) as a text file and reading it, why did you create the JSON in the run-time in your framework?

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If we have 4 pills, two of each kind same color texture every thing. They got mixed how will u eat each medicine from the two set.

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retrieve highest salary from table

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Very Funny question : --------------------------- 1. With out any requirement how you do Testing(since i mention in my resume Core Banking and Finance domain) With out BAT how you play cricket its something like that. 2. Its really bad experience for me. if she ask some valid question if i am not able to answer then i can improve my self. 3 She is asking some particular definition. She might be googled in she excepting that ans. 4 She is taking interview only she talking to some one in call. 5. Lastly i called to Consultancy a2HR Consultants Pvt Ltd if she select me also i wont attend next level of interview.

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Hackerrank Assessment

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What is findElement in the Selenium statement " driver.findElement(By.xpath('')) '?

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