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I was confused between Load and Stress Testing....and one particular Test Case I interpreted wrongly

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hey can you tell me what kind of puzzles did they ask in your interview plz rep asap as i m having my interview on 8 oct .the technicAL one 4th round ..n which test case they have given you ...??rep me to

Hii Can u plz tell me more about the technical questions. Reply on

4) Give 1 effective test case, just 1 test case to determine a white paper is a white pape

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6. Coding Questions Asked to screenshare in the hangouts, and asked to open the eclipse, gave two problems to solve. 1. Check when multiplying a 6 digit number with 2 gives a number which has all the same numbers. E.g: 142857 x 2 = 285714

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What is the meaning of your name and who gave ur name.

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1. Test Case Enumeration: Write test cases for taxi booking application for Ola or Uber. You are expected to write testcases covering different types of functional and non-functional testing areas 2. Problem Solving: Find the first occurance of a given number from the series which has the difference between the adjacent elements as 1. For Example {1, 0, -1,-2,-1,0,1,2,3} Note: Do not use Linear Search 3. Test Data Generation Write the test data for the function: int getSmallestIntegerPosition(int[] A) This method accepts as input integer array that is already sorted and rotated "n" number of items where n is less than the size of the array For Example: The test data can be {4,5,6,1} This was derived from {1, 4, 5,6} afer sorting and rotating the array for 3 times And output of the function returns the index of integer that has the smallest value Eg: {4,5,6,1}: the smallest value is 1 and its index is 3 Note: This method searches for the element and derives the position with an order of O(log(n)) 4. Debugging While using skype or google hangout application, you are not able to do a video chat, describe how you debug the problem considering different aspects of functional and non-functional testing 5. Scripting Find the nth consecutive occurence of a character in a given string. For example for the given input string of "Amazon is a great company as it haas AtoooZzz" and the output should be "o" 6. Consider a string "Hello Good Morning" it should print the sentence in reverse order output should be "Morning Good Hello" 7. Check two strings are anagram 8. Merge two dimesional Array Consider array1={{10, 15}, {30, 50}} array2={{20,40}, {5, 10}} Merged array should be sandwitched (array 1 should be sandwitched with array 2) also while merging array if value range is less than the previously added value then that value should not be added to the merged array Output should be {10, 20, 30, 40, 50} --> 15, 5 and 10 should not be added 9. Print middle character of a string. If middle value has even then print 2 characters Eg: Amazon -->print az 10. Search an element in array without using linear search technique 11. Write test cases for Amazon Prime functionality 12. Testcases enumeration and data preperation for Whatsapp messenger

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2 sticks of of which the 2nd stick is 2 times in length of the 1st time. There is no scale, scissor or any equipment to cut or bend the sticks. Find a way to know exactly the half of the big stick.

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test life cycle in assurance

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How will you check this wiring harness?

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Why didn't get growth in your last organization?

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It was very high-level technical round logical/automation/software testing questions. There required a high-quality resource for QA position. It is not easy to select. Interview questions are very high level not easy to answer them. The interviewer asked questions which were very technical in both rounds of interview.

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