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4) Give 1 effective test case, just 1 test case to determine a white paper is a white pape

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just like the question the answer also had to weird. Hence i gave the answer hold and see the paper. touching would determine if it is paper or not and seeing would determine it is white or not.

Touching would determine that it is a White paper and if you write with White Marker , you will not be able to read the text clearly

The interviewer said just one effective test case. Writing with white marker is the 2nd testcase.

What do we once a defect which was not covered in test cases has been retested and passed ?

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How do we handle conflict if the developer has opposing point of view on a defect raised by QA.

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Regarding the Unit Testing to a QA

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Out of the box questions were asked

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About your self

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Scenario based question

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Capital Market Knowledge and Derivatives Related question.

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Do you have any previous experience as a Quality Analyst.

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Basic Questions related to Lead Generation and related Research Excel related Questions

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