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4) Give 1 effective test case, just 1 test case to determine a white paper is a white pape

6 Answers

just like the question the answer also had to weird. Hence i gave the answer hold and see the paper. touching would determine if it is paper or not and seeing would determine it is white or not.

Touching would determine that it is a White paper and if you write with White Marker , you will not be able to read the text clearly

The interviewer said just one effective test case. Writing with white marker is the 2nd testcase.

Regarding the Unit Testing to a QA

1 Answer

Out of the box questions were asked

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Scenario based question

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Do you have any previous experience as a Quality Analyst.

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Basic Questions related to Lead Generation and related Research Excel related Questions

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SQl query regarding some joins.. cant remember properly

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1st Round - Basic testing questions

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The 2nd round was a manager round. It was a lot of behavioral questions. 1) how to deal with testing scope creep without any change in the deadline

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1. What do you mean by a Framework and why is it needed? 2. What types of Automation Framework you have worked? 3. Please give a design overview of last used framework? 4. If I need to have a DB related validation how do you implement this in your current framework? 5. What are components or parts that can be stored outside a script? 6. What do you mean by Ordinal identifier? Please explain each of them by example. 7. Write a program to read a DB with table having two columns and unknown Rows of data, and save them to Dictionary Object in Run time? 8. Write a program to connect to DB from QTP ? 9. Write a program to swap two numbers without using temp variable? 10. Write a program to Reverse a string using any existing function like string Reverse or Mid ? 11. Write a program to count all occurrence of a specific letter from the given string? 12. Consider a table having (4*4) Rows and Columns. How do click on the certain link which is present in 4th column by knowing the first cell value? 13. Write a program to differentiate Function and Sub.

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