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Why agile methodology is much more powerful than waterfall?

3 Answers

Prioritizing the requirements is the key in Agile methodology. Highest priority items will be tackled first and exit criteria for them will be Highest. So obviously the product delivered will be of most useful to customers. Which is totally missing in Waterfall model.

Agile methodology let the product team reach the customer with MVP in shorter cycles, so that user feedback can be incorporated, product is improved to match the user expectations, while in waterfall, entire feature set is developed and then product is sent to users, incorporating the user feedback only after the complete development and takes entire cycle

Scrum produces better results than waterfall. Please see - http://experttesters.com/2014/03/20/how-to-release-more-often-have-great-customer-focus-and-great-quality/

Provide test data for a program whose functionality is to find second smallest number in a set

3 Answers

As I applied for a testing position, I was asked to find bugs (defects or errors) in my own resume!

1 Answer

All scripting and problem solving questions are difficult.

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How much experience do you have?

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What is a Scrum in Agile and explain the complete Agile Process in your earlier position.

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Write the program how to place two queens in a chess board without possessing threat to each other

1 Answer

nothing is difficult it's very easy process :)

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Selenium Java

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2 sticks of of which the 2nd stick is 2 times in length of the 1st time. There is no scale, scissor or any equipment to cut or bend the sticks. Find a way to know exactly the half of the big stick.

5 Answers
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