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J.P. Morgan
Quality Assurance Analyst was asked...22 February 2014

4) Give 1 effective test case, just 1 test case to determine a white paper is a white pape

9 Answers

just like the question the answer also had to weird. Hence i gave the answer hold and see the paper. touching would determine if it is paper or not and seeing would determine it is white or not. Less

Touching would determine that it is a White paper and if you write with White Marker , you will not be able to read the text clearly Less

and writing with a white marker on a ceramic piece or whiteboard cut out to look like a paper would still make the text unreadable. Less

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Riot Games
QA Analyst was asked...11 November 2014

You have a 1 mile long x 1 mile wide private island that you wish to turn into a resort. A plane requires a 2-mile long runway to take off. What do you do?

8 Answers

You slant the runway.

Use a sea plane.

It is not possible to build a runway that has to curve 90 degrees to allow a take-off. So, I would forget air travel to the island and only boats or helicopters could access it. Less

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Written Test Question - 4 people with different speeds respectively 1,2,5,10 min and a bridge can only hold 2 persons at a time and you have only 17 min left. How do you cross the bridge?

8 Answers

No. 1 and No. 2 go across: 2 minutes No. 2 returns with flash: 2 minutes No. 3 and No. 4 go across: 10 minutes No. 1 returns with flash: 1 minute No. 1 and No. 2 go across: 2 minutes = 17 minutes Less

I think all three answers works , But depends on constrains , Like it has to be the third method posted on Jan 22 if they dont have contact with both the sides Less

Person with 10 mins speed starts with 2nd person (5 mins speed). After 5 mins, 2nd person acrossed the bridge and 3rd person (1 min speed) starts. At minute number 6, 3rd person arrives at final point and 4th person (2 mins speed) starts. At minute number 8, the 4th person finished. Then, at minute 10th 1st person ended a crossing the bridge. Total time used is 10 mins. Less

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QA Analyst was asked...23 February 2018

6. Coding Questions Asked to screenshare in the hangouts, and asked to open the eclipse, gave two problems to solve. 1. Check when multiplying a 6 digit number with 2 gives a number which has all the same numbers. E.g: 142857 x 2 = 285714

7 Answers

public class MirrorImageNumbers { public static void main(String[] args) { int number = 142857; int mul = 2; int ans = (number * mul); // int 285714 String s1 = String.valueOf(number); String s2 = String.valueOf(ans); System.out.println(s1 + " , " + s2); char ch1[] = s1.toCharArray(); char ch2[] = s2.toCharArray(); String sort1 = ""; String sort2 = ""; Arrays.sort(ch1); for (char i : ch1) { sort1 = sort1 + i; } Arrays.sort(ch2); for (char i : ch2) { sort2 = sort2 + i; } System.out.println(sort1 + " " + sort2); if(sort1.equals(sort2)) System.out.println("Mirrored!!"); else System.out.println("Wrong!!"); } } Less

public static boolean checkNumber(int num) { int numTwice=num*2; String number = String.valueOf(num); char[] c = number.toCharArray(); List lic = new ArrayList(); for(char cc:c) { lic.add(cc); } String number2 = String.valueOf(numTwice); char[] c2 = number2.toCharArray(); List lic2 = new ArrayList(); for(char cc:c2) { lic2.add(cc); } Collections.sort(lic); Collections.sort(lic2); System.out.println(lic.toString()); System.out.println(lic2.toString()); if(lic2.equals(lic)) return true; else return false; } Less

Without Using Collections! int x=142857 ; int r=x * 2; // To take the count of numbers 0-9 int a[]=new int[10]; while(x>0){ int t=x % 10; a[t-0]++; x /=10; } while(r>0){ int t=r%10; a[t-0]--; r /=10; } boolean flag=false; for(int p:a){ if(p!=0){ flag=true; System.out.println("Not Equals"); break; } } if(!flag) System.out.println("Equals"); Less

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daily tasks with your previous company

5 Answers

started with standups , update team with where i am and so on ....

what was the offer if you dont mind me asking


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How do you measure 4 gallons with only a 5 gallon and a 3 gallon bucket?

5 Answers

1.Dump 3 gal into 5 gal 2. Fill 3 ga and empty into 5 gal again 3. This will leave 1 gal in the 3 gal 4. Dump the 5 gal 5.Add the 1 gal from the 3 gal to the 5 gal 6. Fill the 3 gal again 7. Dump the 3 gal into the 5 gal (where there is all ready 1 gal) 8. Now there are 4 gallons of water in the 5 gallon bucket. Less

1. Fill 5 gal bucket 2. Fill 3 gal using 5 gal. This leaves 2 gal in the gal bucket. 3. Empty 3 gal 4. Pour remaining 2 gal from 5 gal bucket into 3 gal bucket. 5. Fill 5 gal bucket 6. Fill up 3 gal bucket using 5 gal bucket. This will leave 4 gal in the 5 gal bucket Less

Fill both buckets with half of its total volume and combine the content of both :) Less

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The guy asked me if I know what the quality means. His example of quality was super-expensive designer bags that his girlfriend impulse-buys on the internet. No, that is NOT a joke. He was visibly not interested in the whole process, I could tell. Not a single technical question, and his answers to mine were vague. My guess is he is a lousy programmer, even though he doesn't have to be one to do his job.

4 Answers

You can talk to the QA team lead about designer bags from Versace or Burberry, maybe you will have a chance… nothing technical, that's for sure. Less

QA at Kubra are a bit misrepresented. I was also surprised once I found out what they do. They do not test beyond the "does it compile" and a single test scenario written by a developer (sometimes not even that, some things cannot be tested by Kubra, only by client). What they do is migrate code/db from one environment to another (test to prep, prep to prod), that is all. No coding involved whatsoever. I am sorry you applied for something that was not what you expected. If you are good at coding, you should apply for Programmer Analyst or Developer positions. Less

QA at Kubra are not programmers. They promote code to PREP and PROD. They do not even perform any testing beyond a single test case presented to them on the change request. They use tools to back up, compile and promote the code. That's about it. Its a weird system for QA, in all companies I worked for, QA were the ones doing extensive testing and such. Less

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How do you handle difficult people and situations.

4 Answers

Always by the rules and with respect

By following the rules and with respect


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What do you think would be your responsibilities as an analyst?

4 Answers

Me also having an interview tomarrow Please help me Position is quality assurance automation analyst Less

What is it line to be interview for that position as a fresher

what is the CTC for this position

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Grover Gaming

No technical questions. Just, how will you fit in, to this all male company? The girls hired here will answer the phones, not do SQL queries. And now I see they are advertising again. Only males need apply.

4 Answers

We also have female working everywhere, in the art studio, hr, sales, off site in other states, and as Mikaela said, in the purchasing dept. They are at all levels through out our company. Less

There are no female QA/Programmers at your company. It is all male in these positions. Just saying, that maybe some diversity in these areas would be good. These are the more technical roles. If you doubt, just go to Grover Gaming Facebook page and see the pictures of all males in QA/Programming. Less

There were no difficult questions. There were only Teamwork questions. And from a panel of all boys, well as a 'girl' you can guess how that is going to go. All boys, really? Small company, in a small town. Less

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