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Swap two numbers without a temporary variable

2 Answers

x=x+y y=x-y x=x-y

The way i've remembered this and it's just slightly faster than the plus minus thing is the butterfly swap or as myself and friends have dubbed it affectionately as the 'butterflizzle swizzle' x ^= y; y ^= x; x ^= y; if you know what the XOR binary operation does you can physically step through this process yourself to see just how it works. the only problem here is that if you try to swap two variables that are the same you'll find it will zero out both variables. Just do a simple if( x != y ) before you start swizzling and everything will be cool

Why agile methodology is much more powerful than waterfall?

3 Answers

Provide test data for a program whose functionality is to find second smallest number in a set

3 Answers

As I applied for a testing position, I was asked to find bugs (defects or errors) in my own resume!

1 Answer

Tell me about the challenges faced in your project

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To draw an ER diagram to depict relation between entities SQL related questions to write queries and other theoretical questions Some basic questions on concepts of testing and documentation

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Write the program how to place two queens in a chess board without possessing threat to each other

1 Answer

nothing is difficult it's very easy process :)

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What is the Topic for Engineering Project and what is the concept for the project?

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