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R&D Chemist was asked...21 June 2010

So you'd use grease in gear boxes?

1 Answers

The interviewer didn't believe that greases are used in gear boxes.


What chemical additives would you use in gear oils?

1 Answers

Specific chemical products not general types of chemicals or classes of products


what more can you offer the company?

1 Answers

Being an experienced and knowledgeambe R&D chemist, I do have additional experience in managing people (Plant Manager, R&D lab Manager) that could be an asset for the company. Less

Behr Paint Company
R&D Chemist was asked...15 November 2018

Polymer basics.

1 Answers

Explanation of glass transition temperature and basic paint chemistry.

Syntron Bioresearch

What does "FGF" stand for?

1 Answers

Fibroblast growth factor.

NuSil Technology

Types of questions included "Tell me about what you did to develop XXXX type of product?". "What experience to you have in XXXX type of product development?" Etc.

1 Answers

It was easy to answer the questions since I have a lot of experience. No curve balls here other than the extremely low salary offer. Less

Polymer Group

Standard interview questions. Nothing unusual.

1 Answers

Standard interview answers.

Vasant Chemicals

sulphonation what is nitratioin friedel crafts alkylation nmr chemical shift values

1 Answers

i have answered almost everything.

Kimoto Tech

If you had a long piece of plastic moving between two rollers with a liquid on it and you noticed spots, where could they be coming from?

1 Answers

Contamination, flaws in the rollers, flaw in the film, etc.

Behr Paint Company

1) powerpoint presentation of your previous or current company.? (if applicable during email) 2) tell me about yourself? 3) how you look yourself after 5 years from now? 5) how you judge yourself numerically (1/10) & explain why ? 6)what is your motivation ? 7) ready to shift work ? & how you gonna do your night shift if you get hired ? 8) tell me about your job profile for the previous firm with detain & achievements.? finish . if you tackle this with smartness then you are the lucky one .

1 Answers

hint :make your own statement coz they prefer unique ideas . if i provide my answer you will get busted in interview if somebody tells it before you then your chance get reduce.!!!!!!!! Less

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