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Associate Interview Questions in Reading, UK


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Standard behavioural questions, pertaining to "Dissatisfied Customer", "Bad News to customer", "Disagreement with colleague"

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Basic, well recognised answers with a lacing of personal experience will do the trick.

Actually bad news is because then we know what is our mistake or how can we solve but we have to understand that which action has been given and what result have been came we have to understand and then we manage all that things. When we do better work with mindfully and reliably then customer get satisfaction of all needs. Thankyou

We need to give proper answer & we must check it out, we are following the guidelines or not.

give a presentation on auditor rotation

1 Answer

What is Hays USP?

1 Answer

What lifting a object how should you stance?

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Past experiences with customers. When have you helped a customer at your best?

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Did I have any prior sales experience

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FizzBuzz & Modulo Problem Style code questions on whiteboard.

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To describe what the ideal store would be like

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What do you want a job in consultancy and why Oracle should Oracle hire me?

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DO you like to work in teams or individually

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