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Consultant Interview Questions in Reading, UK


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Standard behavioural questions, pertaining to "Dissatisfied Customer", "Bad News to customer", "Disagreement with colleague"

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Basic, well recognised answers with a lacing of personal experience will do the trick.

Actually bad news is because then we know what is our mistake or how can we solve but we have to understand that which action has been given and what result have been came we have to understand and then we manage all that things. When we do better work with mindfully and reliably then customer get satisfaction of all needs. Thankyou

We need to give proper answer & we must check it out, we are following the guidelines or not.

Can you give me an example when you had to budget and manage a task/work package?

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you say money drives you but keep talking about career progression, do you think you need to go back and rethink what you really want?

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Why do you want to get into recruitment?

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Prepare a ten minute presentation about a topic of your choosing. Plenty of advance warning was given to prepare.

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Competency based questions

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After the system demonstration I was again irritated to be asked if I could find any opportunity for putting the software into my current employers business. The whole effort felt like a shambolic backwards sales attempt

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What is Hays USP?

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How would i cope, coming from a managers position, being asked to do activities and following instructions?

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Why do you want to work here?

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