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Software engineer Interview Questions in Reading, UK


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How do you take feedback; both positive and negative?

They asked some question about your resume. Then asked me a question about Snakes and Ladders and I need to finish four questions about how to design this game in 30 mins. These questions were more about UML but one of the interviewers asked some question about JAVA like what different between List and Set.

Do you work better as an individual or as part of a team?

Have you ever taken over something that others had failed at? What was the context, what did you do and what was the result.

Give the reasons towards why you have picked to study your course in university and why that university.

You should prepare many questions related to Vodafone and why you want to work for Vodafone. Then, you should also think about your strenghts, weaknesses, what can you add to the company, how your past professional experiences prepared you for this opportunity and your skills. Moreover, think about the job position you are applying for - what does it require? what skills are important? what are the challenges?

What character from the simpsons are you most like?