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How do you decide the severity of a vulnerability?

1 Answer

It's about the consequences, easiness of the exploitation and easiness of the access. However, there are some standards such as PCI DSS where the severity levels are defined already.

Give me an example of where you have done a similar (task) before

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(2nd colleague): [scenario based session on the whiteboard, to see how you think when on the spot/pressured] 1. First question: on one of my first projects here at MS, I'm told I've got 2hrs before I have to present a genius test solution for our client's million pound project, given the following details: - migration project where an identity management software was used to populate SAP (using Active directory) - 2 env. setups (test & PROD) - Like-live test data is available - personnel resources: Architect, one third party test resource unfamiliar with the technology, client has 8man developer team offsite, you're on the team, systems support, network sme 2. Second question: you're given a WPF appl., having a single text box on it which receives 2digit numbers and processes them into a db on clicking a button. How would you test it (giving sample test data)?

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Why are you considering switching from contract to permanent position?

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Tell me about your previous roles?

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It was quite some time ago but I recall a question around experience on dealing with customers.

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Tell us about a time you [something programmers do].

(1st colleague): fine comb through my cv; - tell me what your recent projects have been about? - tell me how you achieved 50% reduction of bugs on this project? - could you tell me how the webservice for this solution you were testing was implemented? - could you tell me how you achieved 20% reduction in downtime on this project? - How would you go about ensuring quality/ standards on a project if you've inherited committed dates /timeless from a predecessor? - how would you go about testing a similar instance of this service if there was no access to LIVE data? - How would you setup your test rig if there were multiple security/access restrictions?

Have you ever taken over something that others had failed at? What was the context, what did you do and what was the result.

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