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Regional business manager Interview Questions


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it was all about expectation and future planning and current market outlook.

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we need to give clear picture ,with utmost honesty and with best of our knowledge,dont need to be fake.

it was all about team mgt. and previous experience

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tell me about yourself, what are your past achievements, explain your roles and responsibilities, why do you want to leave your company.

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Why You want to join UCB when they have sold their manufacturing plant

Being an artist how you handle an employee who is not delivering deliberately?

How do you think you can contribute to the role that you are being interviewed for?

1. What you are doing in current role. 2. How comfortable are you for the business related travels 3. How you differentiate the direct & channel sales in existing company 4. Next 5-year plans of candidates 6. Why you want to join Wacker 7. How many team members coordinate or report to you

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