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What is your current Profile?

4 Answers

How fast you can join?

Immediate joiner

Regional sales manager

Expertise of previous role and the change we can make at Mahindra.

2 Answers

what do you about Strides

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what will be the expected sales if we hire you?

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their HRs have been unstable in their career and raise fingers/ questions about others career without even trying to know the reasons behind it.

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Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

3 Answers

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overall work experience, regional areas work experience.

2 Answers

As most of my previous experience was back in united kingdom so challenging question was how am i going to dealt with Indian working style, customer base and etc.

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About experience in education industry?

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Wanted me to defraud clients and cheat people doing transactions under the table and make seperate agreements apart from the legal ones.

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