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Relationship executive Interview Questions


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Are you comfortable with going to client's place?

10 Answers

yes but sometime if resion is more powerfull


Yes, Meetings with clients will help you to improvise relationship with clients. Face all clients, be in touch with them.

tell me smthng abt urself

4 Answers

Are you ready for field work ?

3 Answers

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are you comfortable for location far from your current address?

3 Answers

tell something about yourself

3 Answers

are you ready to be relocated?

3 Answers

1)Tell me about yourslef 2) Hobbies 3) Why sales

3 Answers

You have to sell Vodafone sim in desert areas where people are scattered what will you do

3 Answers

Would you sign a bond if I give you just now ?

2 Answers

Why do u want to quit ur current employer

2 Answers
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