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Accounting Reporting and Control was asked...14 November 2013

On the spot analysis of particularly case study issues at technical interview. Think outside the box and not only the financial factors! At assessment you are given loads of planning time so don't worry too much! :)

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Hi I have a technical interview in two days. Any advice or tips esp when it comes to accounting reporting and control? Less

All the candidates for various roles will be together so the process is the same for all people. I would definitely say consider the importance of safety and the environment in all your answers and avoid using only financial data to make decisions. Be creative with suggestions but always think things through. Less

Hi, I have an AC next week. Can you please give me an overview of AC and activities for the day? Thanks Less

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Surgical Information Systems

Remember this (you'll know when you need it)...

2 Answers

Golden Gate Bridge

you couldn't have said it better! I worked there for a year, and everything you said is on point!! Now, I'm back to work for a REAL company with a clear vision and I'll never look back. In addition to your comments, I'll add that the product is far from workable, has very obvious glitches (which they ask you to try to cover up to clients), and they make YOU the face of their horrible product (it's OLD windows code, not even web based)! You should be GLAD you didn't get an offer. They probably hired an intern instead. Less

Bloomberg L.P.

There was a trick question of sorts assessing news judgment. Don't know if they still do this.

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Don't recall.

What was the trick question? Can you provide any further details on the writing test? Do they ask any questions about financial terminology or who the key players are? Less

Ocwen Financial

various questions on sql

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Could you please share your interview experience. And what are all the question they asked in written test?? please help me because i have a interview. Less

various answers

Ocwen Financial

Aptitude test which was followed by mortgage questions like fixed interest and adjustable interest. Amortization and depreciation and such. Mainly EMI problems and abbreviation and components

2 Answers

Equated monthly installment

Is this position is on database?


If I had a bachelor degree.

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I'm interviewing for this position soon so I'm just curious if you could provide more insight into the exact questions asked and some details? Thanks in advance. Less



mainly competancy based questions but nothing about whether I could do the role and it was a complex role

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Answered them fairly easily. Thought I done badly at interview as did not click with either panel and wrote it off. Couple of weeks later got a phone call they want to take me on Less

Hello could you please answer my questions below 1. what technical questions were you asked? 2. what were the group exercises about? Less

Pyramid Technology Solutions

You think you may be overqualified for the position?

2 Answers

If you think I'm overqualified, don't waste both our time by calling me for an interview. Less

it shows that company like you, try to answer in a positive way: “I know it’s important to follow direction at times and just run with it at times. I have developed the judgment through my experience to know which action is appropriate at which times.” Less

Trinity Mirror

Q: If at 5pm on Friday you received a request from stakeholder for report etc how would you deal with this.

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Clarify requirements, timelines, ensure specifics and requirements are clear and understood by both sides. Act as appropriate to timescale given to you by stakeholder. If appropriate complete the task before leaving. Less

Clarify with them what it was that was needed and Dependent on if the request could be dealt with straight away with any information that i had to hand . it would be dealt with before leaving if it was something that i did not have to hand . i would investigate what would be needed for me deal with this request straight away . Less


How would you handle an annoying co-worker who won't get back to you with information you need to do your job?

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I don’t poke all the time to get the answer and i will try to get it analyze myself Less

I didn't feel like I knocked this one out of the ballpark or anything -- I said, "Sometimes it helps to use teamwork language and remind her that we're working towards the same goal" -- but I got the impression that the purpose of the question wasn't to hear my answer but to warn me that this was going to be an issue in the job! Less

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