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its fully based on what is in your resume and you need to know what is in your resume

Be thorough with your resume. Questions based in your work experience. Read about Industry reports and about specific industry. Where are the entries of divided in cash flow and balance sheet.

Knowledge about any database? Do you know Bloomberg? What is the Annual Report? Financial Statements? P&L, BL and CF?

aptitude test of 50 marks brief about yourself security product related knowledge basic malware questions programming language basic algorithms basic windows cmd commands databases knowledge

Why did you select Tcs and why TCS only?

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Personal interview with HR and then with written interview then interview with the department manager and lastly senior manger taken interview

What is your career plan for next 5 years? Who do you think Frost & Sullivan competitors are in India? Are you flexible for travel?

Where was your schooling? Not graduation/post graduation

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