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Grilling on financial terms, current affairs and opinions about the same. Since I was from marketing background I was given a lot many situations to analyse.

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Hi! cn u tell me wen u gave your interview cz i hv given my interview on 17th june and first 3 rounds went on the same day bt i dint gt any call after that. my email is

Did u get the call and email as well for technical interview

Hai Dear, I got a mail today for Interview on 3rd July. Can you please tell me about the about the job details and interview process and salary. Because i have another interview on the same day. Based on ur details I will decide to go weather for Capital IQ or other. My mail id I will be thankful tto you.

Eps Formula..(PAT/ No. of Shares) How do u find.. no of shares in accounting period?

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Who is the CEO of NYSE

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What do u want to do with your life?

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Estimate the total revenue of McDonalds in a day?

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They asked me about my hobbies

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What newspapers do you read and following that was to design a strategy for a company, that was in the recent news.

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Questions on graduation project?

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Questions on past work experience

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Estimating the number of units of any particular thing

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