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Health Promotion Board
Assistant Director /Senior Manager (Research & Developement) was asked...16 September 2023

1. Scenario-based assessment task: As a member of the research and development (R&D) team, you are tasked to identify potential opportunities in the area of digital phenotyping of mental health that can impact the way HPB delivers programmes in the next 3 years. You are required to prepare a proposal for presentation to HPB’s management team on how digital phenotyping of mental health could potentially be trialled, and eventually deployed in population programme platforms (E.g. Healthy 365). The proposal should cover the following: • Assessment of the current landscape and identification of potential opportunities to transform citizens’ experience in health promotion initiatives • Value proposition of your solution to citizens and how it aligns with HPB’s goals in mental health • Considerations of feasibility and deployability of your proposed solution to the general public in the next 3 years • Overview of the plan and processes of how your solution can be trialed and tested to be ready for deployment in the next 3 years, including the engagement with relevant stakeholders who are important in enabling the success of your proposed solution. Assessment Format: • 5 slides in PowerPoint to be presented verbally in 10 minutes • PowerPoint slides will be circulated to management ahead of the meeting, so the slides should facilitate pre-reading. Additional information can be annexed for pre-reading; these annexed slides should not be presented and will be taken as read. Deadline: • PowerPoint slides (including annexed slides for pre-reading) are to be submitted 5 days after issuance of assessment task and at least 1 day before the next interview 2. Data Analytics Task: TASK INSTRUCTIONS HPB has collected behavioural and lifestyle data from a cohort of participants who have consented to share their activity data collected via an issued smartwatch device. The datasets attached contain a summary of daily data collected from a group of participants for the month of November, as well as relevant sociodemographic and survey data. As a member of the research and development team, you are asked to share your findings on these participants’ physical activity behaviours. Specifically, management has previously indicated interest to understand the different archetypes of physical activity behaviours. As part of your report, you should cover the following: 1. Brief descriptive statistics and visualisations of key variables 2. Explanation of your methodology, including a simple non-technical explanation of your choice of technique 3. Illustration, visualisation and results of your model 4. Recommendation on how your model could be applied a. Identification of 3 bands/clusters of citizens Optional: you may also comment on additional data that could improve your model. You have 7 days to work on this task and you may use the programming language of your choice. As part of your submission, please indicate the programming language you chose and append the full programming code you used to generate the required output to your findings report. The report should be in a .pptx format (max 6 slides, excluding any title slide and section breaks) and intended for reading by management.


Many questions about management style and about specific ways you've developed teams.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Are you comfortable with doing a lot of administrative duties?

What is the Mission of the orgnisation

1 Answers

State their mission statement in my own words

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

What are your responsibilities in your current role?

Philip Morris International

What is the most difficult situation you had during the research process?


My background in related methodologies and client management

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20+ years experience, so I had a very detailed answer

Walt Disney Company

Tell us how your background would apply to this role.


competentie vragen, hoe reageer je in bepaalde situaties

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wel in het engels

Imperial Brands

Subject related, principles and behavioural based.

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