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They have arranged an excellent technical team of the interviewers & they had mostly concentrated on the basic technical skills and team player things. They did very ethical personal questions stare to family and life style. Interviewers were technically sound and their approach were excellent in all aspect.

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structure elucidation by mass spectrometry and basic approach!! LC-MS, HPLC, UV, FTIR basics related to pharmaceuticals. Team handling, work on pressurised situations, ethical and need of job.

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Some Question on CNN and RNN. How to work with noisy data in SVM. Backpropagation in RNN (with mathematical logic). Attention models, what is it, and how does that work? Ways to create more data (Data Augmentation).

What's your expected CTC

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what you can do for this company? Do you know what you are required to do over here?

final year project

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Don't get frustrated if you get some annoying job here

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Basic technical questions. Ph 4 and ph 7 solution if mixed what will be the resulting ph of the solution? A lot of entirely irrelevant personal questions were asked by top management

What is your expected ctc

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