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What do you wish to be going forward?

Asked me about my thesis and to explain various ML techniques tried and what were the problems faced

Questions on catagorical data clustering and ICA

Why do you think you are suitable for this position?

Several queries were asked by R&D head like 1.What is western blotting and SDS PAGE?2:What are the chromatographic techniques used in purification of recombinant proteins?

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Written Test consist of Questions related to opted field. I have appear for for Walkin of Research scientist (Electronics). Written test consist of 25 Questions and time given was 45 min. Questions focused on basics of electronics. Written questions are all MCQ type having four option from which we have to select any one. Written Test Questions are as follow: 1. The Inverter can be obtained by using a. OR b. AND c. NOR d. None of the above 2. The Velocity of EM waves in medium of permitivity e = 4 is 3. The simplified form of Boolean equation A(A_bar + B C) is 4. The time period of one clock cycle of microprocessor having crystal frequency of 3 MHz is 5. With decrease in wavelength of high Directivity antenna, effect on Antenna height 6. The TEM wave in which Electric field is also present in perpendicular direction will be operating in which mode. 7. Superheterodyne is used to obtain. 8. 1/ jw in Bode plot will be equivalent to ------- in dB 9. Semiconductor will behave as --------- at zero degree kelvin 10. question on Block diagram simplification of control system. 11. question on network theory to compute current through resistor. 12 . Resolution of 4-bit ADC is