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No Questions only bluffing

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They have no time to listen to your answer. Instead they spend quality time on social networking

About the company

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What are the types of random variables

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Some Question on CNN and RNN. How to work with noisy data in SVM. Backpropagation in RNN (with mathematical logic). Attention models, what is it, and how does that work? Ways to create more data (Data Augmentation).

All questions in the on-site interview were based on possible improvement to the models that I had built. and were from these topics. 1. Dimensionality reduction (followed by using it) 2. Train multiple models on the dataset judiciously 3. Selecting the ideal metric for the dataset 4. From scratch ensemble learning on the dataset with pre-prepared models 5. Architectural questions and discussions on taxi service 6. How will you use LSTM for analysing time-series data 7. Time-series analysis to find outliers and trends

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Briefly explain about JAK pathway?

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